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Utility Locating and Management Services

ELM Utility Services is a trusted name in underground utility damage prevention. Our expertly-trained technicians are proficient in locating underground structures, digitally mapping locates, servicing above ground meters, and helping to maintain your infrastructure.

99.978% Accuracy

Protect What You Have. Accurately Locate Your Utilities and Comprehensively Maintain Your Infrastructure.

ELM Utility Services protects your infrastructure and reduces your risks with some of the nation’s most precise subsurface locating technology. Our certified technicians perform more than 3 million locates every year with increasing accuracy, reducing your chances of an incident.

Within our scope of services, we provide gas leak surveys, atmospheric corrosion, cathodic protection, meter rebuilds, meter connect/disconnect services, and marker inspection and replacement.

See why more than 60 utility companies across the country trust ELM Utility Services to protect and maintain their infrastructure.

Precision Locating

Locating subsurface infrastructure with an accuracy of 99.978%

Leak Surveys

We conduct combustible gas leak surveys using the latest flame ionization and hydrocarbon leak detection equipment.

Meter Services

Our services range from meter readings and paintings to meter builds and change-outs to shut-offs, relights, and comprehensive inspections.

Pipeline Services

We offer pipeline services to ensure PHMSA’s Federal guideline compliance. We conduct atmospheric corrosion inspections, regulator inspections, perform pipeline marker replacements, and more.


We Simplify Your Utility and Infrastructure Management

Our certified technicians can locate your utilities and thoroughly maintain your infrastructure.

From mapping and locating to comprehensive digitalization, ELM Utility Services is your single partnership for your infrastructure and utility needs.

Your locating partner

Explore Our Services

Utility Locating

Precisely locate underground utilities with 99.978% accuracy.

Utility Mapping

Digitize underground utility location with real-time mapping that allows you to quickly export to ArcGIS.

Leak Detection

Combustible gas leak surveys using the latest flame ionization and hydrocarbon technology.

Corrosion Inspections

We conduct atmospheric corrosion inspections on each portion of the pipeline.

Regulator Inspections

We inspect devices on gas service lines that control gas delivery pressure.

Marker Replacement

Inspecting the marker and covering or replacing as necessary for proper identification.

Pressure Recorder

You can download our pressure recorder files at regulator stations and monitor the MAOP and allowable build-up.

Meter Build and Change Out

We replace meters using the Hot Change method so there is no interruption in gas service.

Pipeline Services

Atmospheric corrosion and regulator inspections, pressure recording downloads.

Annual Surveys

We can conduct your annual surveys to check the condition of each meter in your field.

Meter Reading

OQ qualified technicians complete physical or electronic meter readings.

GPS Survey

Digitally map your underground utilities from your smart device.

Why Choose Us

One Partnership Offers You Comprehensive Services

When you partner with ELM, you gain access to comprehensive turn-key solutions for utility and energy management. As cloud-based technology innovators, you will have access to commercial, industrial, and residential products and services that satisfy your needs.

99.978% Accuracy

Our precision locating reduces your risks associated with ground disturbances.

On Time

We value your time. We strive to complete all tickets before their deadline.

Cloud-Based Services

Our cloud-based services provide you with real-time inputs and outputs for utility and personnel management. 

Scalable Capacity

With over 1,000 employees we have the ability to provide you with solutions and aid you with forecasting future needs.

our focus

Utility and Infrastructure for Your Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Needs.

From power and gas lines to fiber optic cable, we locate underground utilities and structures, so you know where they are before you start disturbing the ground. Our ability to accurately and comprehensively locate subsurface utilities reduces your risk of costly damages.

As the second largest utility locating company in the U.S., our team of more than 1,000 highly trained specialists accurately locate and mark subsurface infrastructures like natural gas, electricity, phone, and cable television. 

Our utility locating keeps power and gas lines from being cut. Homes and businesses can operate on battery power without disruption.

Our goal is to reduce the risk for damages that come with disturbing the ground.

ELM Family of Companies

A Leading Partner for Companies Across the U.S. and Globally

With the ELM Family of Companies, you can map out your utility infrastructure, digitize your utility data, store energy for later use, and generate energy for your consumption needs. You can do all of this with a single partnership.

Our Projects

Successful Projects

ELM’s partners trust our ability to provide comprehensive utility and infrastructure services. Learn about a few projects that showcase our sophisticated solutions.


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99.978% Accurate with Every Locate

Our national presence means you have access to comprehensive utility and energy services no matter where you are located.

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