Gas Leak Survey

Performing regular physical surveys of natural gas systems is the best way for system owner/ operators to ensure the integrity of their facilities and the safety of their community.

ELM Provides Complete Gas Leak Survey Project Coordination Including Accurate Data Collection and Reporting

Our service is designed to assist and support customers in meeting state and federal mandated requirements as an owner/operator of a pipeline distribution system.

ELM offers combustible gas leak surveys using the latest flame ionization and hydrocarbon leak detection equipment to perform inspections in compliance with Title 49 part 192 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The inspections are performed by highly experienced, trained, and operator qualified technicians. Training is comprehensive and comprised of both classroom and field training and includes specific federal, state, local, and customer requirements.

Gas Leak Services
ELM pipeline inspections
using advanced siteright™ technology

ELM Utility Services utilizes SitRight technology to ensure precise locate success. Features include:


All data collected is embedded with GIS lat/long coordinates and is date/time stamped


Allows exact work areas completed to be visualized digitally as it happens


Critical data is recorded to a Data Dictionary customized to specific client needs


Data collected is transmitted back to the web portal in real-time for alert notifications and reporting purposes

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