Meter Services

ELM offers a full range of services for meters to ensure superior customer service and maintain the integrity and functionality of the meter in a safe and expedient manner. These offerings are completed safely by following all federal, state, local, and customer requirements.

Gas Meter Build And change out


Gas Meter Build and change out

A hot change bag is placed over the test tee fitting to temporarily re-direct the gas without interrupting the customer’s service. Under normal circumstances, the gas remains on during the meter exchange and the customer maintains gas service throughout the process.

Gas Meter Shut Off and Relight


Gas Meter Shut off and relight

ELM’s OQ certified technicians will safely perform gas meter shut offs or relights as requested by the utility client.

Meter reading


Meter Reading

OQ qualified Technicians complete physical or electronic meter readings. This can be an individual offering or partnered with other utility related services. Meter dials are inspected to ensure proper functionality and any abnormal operating conditions with the meter are identified and reported back to the utility client.

Meter Painting


Meter Painting

Corrosion on meters is remediated by doing a full or partial repaint as determined by customer specifications.

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