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Microgrid Battery Energy Storage Systems

A “microgrid” is a group of localized electricity sources and a control system that operate in unison to provide power to a home or business. Microgrid systems operate autonomously either in tandem with the centralized grid, or they can form a microgrid in the event of the loss of grid power. In places where no utility grid is present, a Microgrid can operate in a stand-alone or “islanded” mode.

The ELM Microgrid was developed to standardize Energy Storage Systems in order to save consumers and contractor’s time and money through every step of the process. Microgrids are now more affordable and reliable than ever thanks to low cost solar energy, batteries, smart appliances, and advances in control software. In addition to price declines in the components that make up an ELM™ Microgrid, The ELM™ system is a more efficient and reliable microgrid solution.

The ELM Microgrid is a complete turnkey system that is manufactured and tested in a UL 508 shop which eases permitting, installation, testing, and O&M.

There is a system for every need including

  • Home Series Microgrids
  • Small Business Microgrids
  • Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage
  • Utility Scale Microgrid ESS

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