GPS Mapping

Protecting underground utilities and preventing damage to them is vital for the safety and wellbeing of everyone. The maps utilized to locate these utilities is an important component of damage prevention. To assist with keeping these maps updated and relevant, ELM offers GPS mapping of transmission and distribution pipelines for all utility types.

ELM identifies the centerline of pipelines in all conditions and terrains and utilizes only experienced, Operator-Qualified Technicians. Once the mapping is complete, export a new map into any of the following GIS formats: Excel – CSV, Google Earth, ArcGIS shapefile, and CAD, or connect directly to your own ArcGIS system.

Advanced SiteRightâ„¢ technology enables a premiere set of features to this service including:

  • Precision Location Services
  • Customized Data Dictionary
  • GIS Export
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Offline Compatibility
  • Assignment of walk back points and surveys
  • Adding photos, videos, and sketches
  • Cloud Hosted

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